Unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere you have heard and no doubt seen, the photos of 15 year-old Miley Ray Cyrus as she posed for Vanity Fair Magazine recently.

The big uproar with the photos is that she is a “Disney Girl” and some people are saying that she has forever ruined her wholesome image and tainted the innocence of Hannah Montana…ok maybe those people haven’t used those words exactly, but that is what I gather from the controversy.

Here is the thing: she is 15, going on 16, and she is worth a billion or more…shouldn’t she be able to have some freedom to be herself and grow into herself?

What do I mean exactly? I mean that Miley is a teenager and she is growing into a young woman. I believe that she should be able to express herself artistically without it turning into some perverted version of what was intended.

Did photographer Annie Leibovitz intend to portray Miley in a “seductive and sexual” light? I don’t think so. She is an artist and take it from another artist, we view the world very differently.

Is it possible for lines to be crossed in a photo shoot…of course, but lets be real, there was no nudity, no young man posing with her, nothing that really indicates that she was trying to be sexy. Miley was just following direction and the photos turned out they way they did.

So will Hannah Montana get past this mark on her squeaky clean image? I think so. She apologized, so to me that means she has no intention of being a sex pot, or enticing men (or anyone else) in a sexual manner. I think those of us who are adults should see that she is a teenager, with two good parents who watch over her and keep her a kid…that is rare nowadays in the world of show business.  We should give them a little more credit, because if they wanted to exploit their daughter, they would have done it from the start.

Some critics say that Miley’s parents are marketing and manipulating her – I don’t believe that for one second. Even though Miley is a teen, she appears to be a very strong individual who wanted to become and entertainer like her father – why should they have stopped her in pursuing her dreams? Isn’t it written somewhere in parenting 101 that parents have to allow their kids to make their own decisions sometimes?

I am all for modesty, and chastity, but I am against drama and controversy that is created by people who themselves do not operate in those virtues.

Leave Miley alone.