Gas, Gas and Less Gas Monday, May 5 2008 

If you are a driver, (and even if you are not), you have been watching and anguishing over the rise in prices at the pump for the past 10 months (or more).

Gas is at an all time high. In my neck of the woods (Western New York) gas is $3.78 for regular and $4.01 for premium. This is at least a 30% increase from last spring. The thing is, nothing else is changing. Wages are the same. Food is increasing as well, although there are discount options and sales, so food is still reasonable. It is the gasoline that has everyone in a pinch.
Bush was quoted by MSNBC recently as saying that the rise in gas prices troubles him and it is like “a tax on the working people.” Well, funny that just a few months ago Bush was caught on camera saying to a reporter that he had no idea the gas prices were through the roof. Could his current claim to want to help the “working people” be a last ditch effort to save face as his controversial administration comes to an end?

I can only hope he is serious about wanting to explore options as it relates to domestic gas rather than foreign gas. He said there is no quick fix – of course we all know that, but what we need is a stall in these rising prices before it gets way too expensive to drive a Honda Civic around the block.


Welcome to The E Commentary Monday, Apr 28 2008 

Welcome to The E Commentary. This blog was designed to be an analytical, sensitive, unique, succinct and interesting forum for commentary on current events, and our community at large. Well, to make it plain, this will be a blog about my opinions. I am open to hearing about your opinions as well. I just ask that you share in a diplomatic way. Let’s have an open discussion.
So, here I am, a 30 year old (I can’t believe it!) woman sharing my comments with the world. Well, I figure Andy Rooney has made a living at it…why not me? 🙂